Myrto Papadaki


About /Bio

Born in Chania, Greece. I have studied Computer Engineering, Graphic Design and Visual Communication at undergaduate and postgraduate level in Athens. In 2015 I started working with Holotropic Breathwork and with traditonal plant medicine of the Amazon jungle, while traveling and living in various countries in Europe and Latin America. Since then I am in the training towards becoming a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. Currently, I am also studying Adult Education in Scotland, Malta and Estonia under an Erasmus Mundus postgraduate scholarship.

As visual artist I have participated in various group shows and festivals in Greece and abroad. My work is deeply influenced by my personal spiritual emergency, deep experiential work in holotropic states of consciousness and the inner journey towards wholeness. Selected samples of this ongoing work can be found in the Art section.

I have also written articles on topics in visual communication, semiotics, mandala art that can be found in the Articles page.

I am very interested in the field of transpersonal art and how art can be a means for both personal and community transformation, offering the potential for healing, compassion and awareness. In May 2017 I started The Mandaily Project, a new initiative that aims to offer a space for creative expression and connection, as well as, to provide information on spiritual emergency, holotropic states and transpersonal art.

I am always open to colaborations and creative ideas. You can reach me at info [at] myrtopapadaki [dot] com.