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Theatre Nemo – A placement diary

Next week I’m starting my placement here in Glasgow, as part of the International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC).

I have been trained as graphic designer and artist. Having been through a very challenging past years of personal healing and transformation, I turned to art to express myself and all the things that were happening within and I just couldn’t put into words. In art making I also found a way to communicate with others, through sharing. And this creative and sharing process, has been very healing in itself.

So, I decided to change direction and see how art can benefit people, improve our confidence, well-being, sense of self-worth, inclusion, participation. I have seen it in my work and in the journey I’ve shared with others as part of my participation in the Holotropic Breathwork community.
As part of my masters degree, I have a semester long placement here, in Glasgow, with Theatre Nemo, an organisation working with arts and creative┬áworkshops in local communities, hospitals and prisons. It’s underlying principle is that arts can be a therapeutic process in itself, and contribute to well-being and health of the individual and the community.

I decided to start a series of posts to document this process, in the form of a self-reflective diary in words and images, that will help me better integrate the experience and possibly offer an interesting and inspiring look into the valuable contribution of arts in health.

I plan to keep a visual journal along the process, that will be posted here along with some thoughts.

May the journey begin ­čÖé

Theatre Nemo –

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